This Week’s Featured Verdict

Motor Vehicle
Traffic accident led to four surgeries, plaintiff claimed

Verdict: $650,000

Bookhard v. Owen

Kings County Supreme Court

Prevailing Attorney: Peter W. Kolp; Peter W. Kolp, P.C.; Brooklyn, N.Y. (trial counsel); Friedman & Simon, L.L.P.; Jericho, N.Y.


This week’s Featured Verdict is a Kings County case that concluded a few weeks ago. The suit’s plaintiff claimed that a rear-end traffic accident resulted in tears of a shoulder and a wrist, an injury of an elbow, and two herniated spinal discs. She underwent four surgeries, and she claimed that she suffers residual limitations. The defense contended that the plaintiff’s injuries predated the accident, but the jury found otherwise. It awarded damages of $650,000. That’s the fourth-largest New York jury verdict for 2021, based on cases reported to us, and No. 55 of all time for a rear-end vehicular accident in Kings County. Here are the top five jury verdicts statewide for rear-end auto accidents.